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A family, four generations, and a new concept of wine.


GENERACIÓN is breaking free from rules and questioning all we were taught. It’s the remarkable capacity of blending the immense knowledge acquired throughout four generations into a glass of wine.

It’s that seductive and vertigo feeling when you’re about to do something extraordinary.

Why now?

The time has come, we are ready.

Paths have been left and trails have been taken to fall and rise. In constant search to improve, to evolve and take a step forward in winemaking. It is the moment to share the result of a four generation legacy made looking into the future. GENERACIÓN, the greatest version of ourselves.

Why is GENERACIÓN different?

To challenge all assumptions is our attitude; never settle is our way of being. Always question everything, throw down walls and start again, this is who we are in the vineyard and in the winery. Constant evolution, passion and “custom made” methodologies to reach an objective: success.

Who is it for?

GENERACIÓN is for those who want to travel in time and space, for those who can look straight in the eye, for those who know that evolution is a risk yet the only way forward, for those who are not afraid to experience it all.